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VFX Alert and Metatrader

Author - Ibericus, 07.11.2019 10:22

Hello everybody, I have two questions for the forum:

- ¿Is there any way of integrating the VFX Alerts into Metatrader 4?

- And the second one is more a recommendation for the developers of the application: it would be nice to have the possibility of having three panels of signals at the same time in the software: I usually use the trending, reversal and additive signals in my strategies. It seems logical to be able to see at least all those three signals at a glance. Please think about that, it is essential for dynamic trading to see several signals at the same time, is annoying and precious time is lost changing the signal every time on the panel.

Thank you very much!

07.11.2019 11:20



For now, it is not possible.

Maybe, now work under the new version. Maybe after we will make API