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Download vfxAlert 3

Author - Aleksandr_M, 18.03.2018 13:35

vfxAlert app version 3 "Cherokee" 

Mostly app is the same, I completely recode all app on a new embedded browser platform, and now all brokers* work well in the app. 
*IQoption platform working not on all PC. Use OlympTrade it is more better than IQ.


--------------------------------Windows OS--------------------------------

Setup 32bit  | Setup 64bit version 3.0 build 621 (latest)

Setup 32bit  | Setup 64bit version 3.0 build 125 


1. Download setup

2. Install app

if you skip the step where installed Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable you can download it here

for 32bit OS run vcredist_x86_2015.exe
for 64bit OS run vcredist_x64_2015.exe


--------------------------------MAC OS--------------------------------

Setup 64bit version 3.0 build 621

1. Download setup dmg
2. Copy vfxAlert to Application
To run vfxAlert You have to set "Anywhere" setting in System Preferences => Security & Privacy. 
Then after running click "Open anyway" if app still not running 

If you have Mac OS Sierra you have to enable option "Anywhere":
 - Close System Preferences on your Mac.
 - Open Terminal.
 - Type the following command: sudo spctl --master-disable
 - Hit enter on your keyboard.
 - Enter your administrator password.
 - Hit enter on your keyboard.


If you have any errors please make a screenshot and post it here, describe how error appeared, your OS (for example Windows 10 64bit)

16.10.2019 19:29

Please, i want to know how to proceed now, after i had the confirmation thad i have paid de application. My username is Gloire2019 and my email is fripad2018@gmail.com My full name is ABANDA A MEKAN PATRICK. HOW can  i proceed now to have my pro version of VFX Alert and use it now. i'm waiting please.

16.10.2019 10:46

Thanks like you app!

14.10.2019 19:21


14.10.2019 16:12

sorry sir, but I cannot open datei. I have an old Mac 


I paid $15 but signals not complete how can i add more signals?

Try to download zip

13.10.2019 12:46

sorry sir, but I cannot open datei. I have an old Mac 

I paid $15 but signals not complete how can i add more signals?

13.10.2019 05:58

hi, just bought pro package... it work perfectly... ty 

13.10.2019 05:56

I Paid 45 dollars then but I havent receive the 1000 alerts...

How can I get it... Thanks

13.10.2019 04:23

I Paid 45 dollars then after I downloaded the vfxalert application, it generates an error message stating that the program cannot run...

Im Using windows 8.1 - 64bit operating system... 

I tried reinstalling the visual C++ redistributable but still it doesnt work..

I downloaded the dll file from the internet but still doesnt work... hope u can help me this thanks..



yours truly,

John Sagapsapan

13.09.2019 21:52


08.09.2019 08:28

So only Monday to Friday I will get signal right