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Why is the beta better than the real pro

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Author - bukstone, 14.09.2017 11:34

Why is the beta better than the real pro. I want to know why. With the beta, There is another indicator under timer which helps a lot when signal is good or risky to take. But with the real we do not have that indicator like the beta which makes the pro look bad. Just give us the same settings at the beta and we will be fine to use it. The pro makes us lose more than win and the beta give us more wins than loses. So you people need to fix that. Beta much much better than the real pro signal. 

14.09.2017 19:24

Thank you sir, The beta is a game changer and is mind blowing. As long as you know when the market is stable, People will get a lot of wins than loses. People should stay away when news hours are coming. But after the news more wins than loses. Thank you for this v3 is the best. Keep up the good work sir. 

14.09.2017 16:40

Because beta it is not stable yet. There is a lot of cross statistical data(much more than in v2) have to be calculated runtime plus not stable currency quotes  - some times the server goes down.
That's why this is beta version:)

When I  find all critical bugs and fix them - it will work perfectly.

Now signals v3 is working


14.09.2017 12:53

   This is the beta looking like this when i open it and the real opens. So kindly bring back the beta which is much better please. Sir, Because i am losing money without the beta and the real is just a mess signal. I respect your work a lot but i like the beta much better and easy to understand and be patience. when signal comes in. I like the indicator under the timer much more. 

14.09.2017 12:43

the beta doesnt show anymore. when i open it is empty thats why i came to comment. please fix it. 

14.09.2017 12:37

I don't understand what is the problem. This is very good that beta better than the previous version that means I am doing everything right.

I know a lot of traders who successful trade with v2.05 if you have better results with v3 then use v3. In any case for v3 also need a Pro to see power and heatmaps.


After v3 will be released v2 will be terminated during some time.