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No signals

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Author - cwkbinary, 06.09.2017 10:04

Hi,any technical issue with the signals?from yesterday until now got no signals at all.


Thank you.

07.09.2017 09:10


That is strange, can you send me screen short form pc browser 
1. go to http://vfxalert.com/signals/single on google chrome
2. Right click -> inspect 
3. choose console and send me a screenshot like on a picture:

07.09.2017 08:39

myself as well Aleksandr email 

06.09.2017 13:56

06.09.2017 13:54

Hi,i can't reveive any signals in browser.on my phone or laptop is the same results.out of signals.

06.09.2017 10:18

Every thing works fine. where do you not receive signals browser, app, email?