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success rate

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Author - miraclefortu, 18.08.2017 02:54

can i ask about the signal success rate??

18.08.2017 07:49

- What is signals profit?

Profit does not depend on signals - profit depends on the trader and his trading strategy. We have a huge amount of users and all of them use the same signals, but all of them trade in different ways. That way some traders wins the other lose. The signal power is determined based on the signal statistics. Shows the past, that is, the percentage of positive results in the same market situation in the past. In trading there are a huge number of factors that a trader must consider:

  • The quotes difference among brokers.
  • Small market movements
  • Current trading session
  • Time for news
  • Trends
  • ...

vfxAlert is a service of signals and statistics. vfxAlert is a trader's tools. Each trader must create his own trading strategy that includes not only signals but also such things as:

  •  Type of strategy (Reversal or trending, mixed - only for experienced traders)
  • Rules for entering the market
  • Currency pairs (trading strategies do not always work the same on different currency pairs)
  • Money management
  • Trading time
  • Stop-Loss

Earn only those traders who strictly follow their trading strategy. All other traders simply play gambling. Here you can see extended statistic here.