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vfxAlert - it is a complete set of useful analytical tools for market analysis. The trader has access to: signals for binary options, additional indicators, charts, trends, economic calendar. All tools help the trader to make the right decision for a successful deal and make a profit

Trading Binary Options in the US

Binary trading originated in the US. Later, binary options trading in the United States was officially recognized as a financial instrument. However, trading in binary options is now prohibited by US law. But there are nuances. Only those brokers that are not licensed to trade in the United States are prohibited. Such restrictions are because of the peculiarities of local legislation, which strictly regulates the activities of such companies. Of the well-known binary options brokers in the United States, you can trade on the Pocket option broker platform. In the US, there is a regulator that controls exchange and options trading. Its tasks include ensuring the safety of investors and the openness of financial markets

US Binary Options Traders

The US economy is the largest economy in the world in terms of nominal GDP. The United States has a very developed financial sector of the economy and is the world leader in attracting foreign investment. If for many countries the concepts of "investment", "trading", "how to make money on Forex", "binary options trading" are something new, in the US it is developed. Therefore, high-quality analytical programs for traders, such as vfxAlert, are highly valued in the US

Why traders choose software vfxAlert:

Features of working with the vfxAlert application in the US

Looking to start trading binary options in the US.
Check out the important rules andregulations in this country

As mentioned earlier, the US is very demanding about brokers, so be sure to check if your broker is approved in the US. Please check with your broker's support team

Internet connection

To ensure you don't miss out on the best trading signals, check if your ISP is performing well. Find a stable Wi-Fi signal or a good mobile internet connection

Withdrawing funds in the US

After a successful transaction, the trader can withdraw money from his account. In order for the withdrawal of funds to be successful, find out what withdrawal methods are available in the US

Foreign currency

Select the currency available in your country

Deposits in the US

Use the accounts available in your country. Select a payment method, currency, transfer money to the account and click "Pay"


With the development of the Internet, financial trading has become very popular. Binary options trading compares favorably with forex trading because of its high profitability, availability and simplicity. A binary option is a type of exchange contract that is used to make a profit on the movement of the price of assets in the world's financial markets. Unlike investments, binary options are fast trades, the longest period is 1 day

CFTC is the most popular regulator for binary options trading in the US. The agency is controlled by the government of the country. In order to get a work permit in the UnitedStates, a broker must be licensed as a professional securities market participant. In order to get a license, a broker must prove solvency, disclose full information about the accounts, and provide reports every week on the volume of investments. Therefore, US licensed brokers are the most reliable in the world


Trading signals are apowerful analytical tool that can help a trader analyze the market correctly.Market analysis is carried out by studying fundamental indicators (news, thestate of affairs in the economy, exchange rates and seasonal factors) andtechnical analysis, which allows for predicting the trend that will be relevantfor the asset. The vfxAlert signal algorithm is based on four main indicatorsof technical analysis. The forecast is based on a detailed study of thehistorical and statistical data of successfully completed signals. Signals canhelp a trader to correctly assess the state of affairs in the market and are areliable confirmation of the trader’s trading strategy.


Besidesdirect binary signals in the vfxAlert application, additional indicators areavailable to the trader. The panel of additional indicators displays analyticaltools that help a trader determine the current mood in the financial markets,find successful entry points to the market, see overbought and oversold zones,show the direction of the trend and understand how to act depending on marketvolatility. All this data is in the same window with the broker. Thissimplifies the trader’s work and does not distract his attention to theanalysis of other sources and constant switching of tabs.

Signal structure

Option type — CALL (buy)/PUT (sell)
Signal power. The percentage of profitable trades based on the current indicator data
Trading asset on which the vfxAlert signal appeared
Recommended time of option’s expiration
Algorithm used for the signal’s searching
Time since the appearance of the signal
Current price when signal was appeared
Power of the current trend or reversal

How do I get started with vfxAlert signals?

The interface of the application is so convenient and simple that it is suitable even for beginnersin trading. And professional traders will undoubtedly appreciate signals with adetailed structure and ease of use

Create an account

Create a free account. This will allow you to act safely and develop a strategy.

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Select an asset

Select the asset you want to trade. If you do not know which currency pair is the most useful, check out forex rates in the USA.

Choose a platform

Select a broker platform available in the USA

Install indicators

Sets patterns and chart indicators

Start trading

Start trading with a free account

Read about strategies

Read about different trading strategies.

Try different techniques and trade for two hours a day.

You need to create your own business strategy.

Open a professional account

When you have enough knowledge to trade real funds, open a Pro account, where you will get additional analytical tools and the ability to trade cryptocurrencies

Connect to telegram

Connect vfxAlert to Telegram, set up the necessary filters and receive only the signals you need


Trading binary options has never been so convenient!

vfxAlert mobile app in the US - trading signals on a smartphone

You can download the vfxAlert application to your computer or work directly in the browser window. For thosewho lead an active lifestyle or are often away from home, it is possible todownload the vfxAlert mobile application to see signals on a smartphone andtrade anywhere. If a trader wants to receive only certain signals, then you canset up alerts from the bot's telegram and receive only the necessary tradingsignals on your smartphone.

  • install the vfxAlert mobile application for Android or IOS
  • connect the telegram bot to your smartphone and receive only the necessary signals

It is easy to start trading with vfxAlert binary signals. Register now!

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