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Signal is not working

Author - baba, 16.05.2017 11:21

My Iq Option Pro signal is not working. Do you have any instruction video ?

25.05.2017 19:55

some advises for beginners :)

1. Do not trade 60 seconds options at the beginning. Than more expiration time than stable strategy. For beginners better expiration from 5 to 30 minutes.

2. Do not trade more than 2 hours per day.

3. If you losing 3-5 deals in a row. Stop trading for today.

4. Do not trade more than 3 assets

5. Use signals with the high power.

6. Use trend indicator if you use trending strategy trend should be the same like in signal. For Reversal strategy trend should be opposite direction or flat.

7. Before trading analyse market - if market trending use trading strategies, if market flat use reversal strategies.

8. To trade by signals using reversal or trending strategy just open position when signals appears. How to open position? For CALL option - open position when current price lower than price indicated in signal. For PUT using opposite condition. Do not forget analyse trends. 

9. If you Using an adaptive or short-term strategy  signals strategy make additional analysis.

For example RSI and vfxAlert signals
When indicator RSI give signal and vfxAlert signal show the same direction.
Simple signals from the RSI indicator, it is crossing 30 level and 70.
Some traders trade when RSI crossing 50 level from up to down it is a call signal, from down to up it is PUT signal.


10. The most important thing I want say you need a your own strategy. Because Trading by signals it is not a trading strategy, it is a small part of the trading strategy. 

Signals it is a trading tool for trader which he use inside a strategy

The profit does not depend on the trading strategy or signals!

The profit depends on the trader! All traders are different and all have their own trading style.

One strategy will give different results for different traders using it. 


If you follow the rules of the strategy this will teach you discipline and discipline will bring you profit.

Checking list: 

1. Type of strategy:

a. Reversal   b.Tranding

2. Assets: 


3. Trading hours:

( 12:00-14:00 ) max 3 hours

4. Investing amount:

( 3% ) max 5% of deposit

5. Stop loss:  after stop reanalyse your strategy

( 70% ) min 50% of deposit 

6. Maximum losing trades

( 5 ) maximum 7

7. Trade conditions:

CALL: RSI crossing 30 level & vfxAlert Signal CALL

PUT: RSI crossing 70 level & vfxAlert Signal PUT

Trend is flat


I hope it will be helpful




21.05.2017 13:32

Hi Roudy, 

Once again thank you very much for giving me hints on my trading journey. I just started and found theres a lot to learn before trading. I will keep in my the one that you shared. Very good one :) I am gonna practice more on Tuesday. Right now learning the candles and patterns. Hopefully one day I will also come up with my own secret strategy :)

Have a good one mate!!

18.05.2017 13:09

Hi paru786

i think you talk about AD strategy. This strategy combinate all others . when i trade by pivot points strategy i use this strategy for confirmation my own signals.


if you asking how i doing - i trading only in flat market on M15 and M30 see Trends  . if CALL signal appear i open only if current price lower than price in signal, but if price too low i do not trade it possibly menas market trends changing. for PUT opposit.
this is very simple explanation. i have more trading conditions what i can't share:) this is like trade secret


17.05.2017 08:13

Hey Roudy,


Thanks for your advices. I am very new to trading. Your advice will be very helpful. Could you please confirme one one thing? When the signals appears am I supposed trade immidiately ? I mean right after the signal appears? After you many seconds I should give up on the signal if I am late to open the trade?

17.05.2017 06:42

i find it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gsh_9QzWUjU


17.05.2017 05:25

It works fine.

i get 30-50% per monts, some times losse but it is ok on the distance i win
do not trade 60 secondse it is a shit you never win
but i have seen some video on you tube crazy russuan gyu traning on 60 sec if find i share

advice to win:
trade on long options 
do not trade all pairs chose 1-3 no more
trade in special hours
learn extended statistic 

Find your Strategy!!!!!! where you can win!!!!!

16.05.2017 21:05

Two days in a row the signals did not work for me. Lost all. Is there anyody who had success?                         

16.05.2017 16:25

i have same problem...