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New version (Promo)

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Author - Aleksandr_M, 31.03.2020 08:00

We are continually improving our software to make it easier for our users to access and to also make it more precise and the best binary trading signal in the industry.

New Features & Tools:

  • New signals to maximize your trading profits
  • New algorithms & improved old algorithms
  • New assets.
  • New dashboard.
  • Mobile signals.
  • All brokers supported.

Technical indicators & other market info:

  • Zigzag indicator
  • Pivot points indicator
  • Volatility indicator
  • Summary of the technical indicators
  • Bulls and Bears Indicators
  • Common Indicators (RSI, CCI, TRENDS)
  • Candlestick pattern
  • Economic Calendar

Release Schedule

  • May 2020 - alpha version.
  • June 2020 - beta version. Want to be the first who test beta for free? -> share this video with a hashtag: #vfxpromo =>  *
  • August 2020 - release candidate.
  • September 2020 - release.


* When the beta version will be ready to test we send a link to download the app for All who shared the promo video with a hashtag: #vfxpromo.

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17.09.2019 10:26

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16.09.2019 02:22

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14.09.2019 00:56

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12.09.2019 20:55
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10.09.2019 14:23


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10.09.2019 14:19

I shared the video please send the link to gnsignprinting@gmail.com thanks

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