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Author - Aleksandr_M, 12.01.2018 08:36

E-mail: support@vfxalert.com

Also, you can ask on this topic.

Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions:

I pay for Pro license, but did not receive it?

Why Signals not update? Why do signals not appear?

How to add my broker to broker list vfxAlert?

Can I pay by Skrill or Perfectmoney? 

What are the Alerts?

What is signals profit?

13.03.2019 06:49
I have successfully bought a 1 year pro license, why can't my telegram connect, answer the telegram "Alerts" is over please refill your account. Subscription stopped. please help
12.03.2019 17:53

hello i want update my lines to 1000 aler ! please help me

10.03.2019 13:29

Adoption signal not showing 

09.03.2019 18:17

Sir how can I reset signal options 

And the options didn't show in my account 

09.03.2019 14:55

the signals not showing


07.03.2019 12:34

How can I understand signals ? I'm follow signals but I lost money why ?

And recently I lost $50 dollars  how can I effective way use signals. any strategy to use?

Which trading time it's very effective and profitable ?

ImI on olymp trade

06.03.2019 19:36


I have been paying but how is the download program

06.03.2019 08:20

Vfx alert for window fail to execute, Showing dll error

You skip the step where installed Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable you can download it here

06.03.2019 08:18

Vfx alert for window fail to execute, Showing dll error

06.03.2019 07:13

I tried. But there is still no heat map and the address of the IQ Opstion.

My account buys a package a month.

Please help me!

Many thanks.



Please delete this version and install latest