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Author - Aleksandr_M, 12.01.2018 08:36

E-mail: support@vfxalert.com

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Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions:

I pay for Pro license, but did not receive it?

Why Signals not update? Why do signals not appear?

How to add my broker to broker list vfxAlert?

Can I pay by Skrill or Perfectmoney? 

What are the Alerts?

What is signals profit?

26.12.2019 10:03

 Sir, How to buy pro signals through Skrill,this option is not available please tell me my email for notify me when this option is work properly with paying method how to pay through Skrill account

26.12.2019 06:10
whether the latest version of the program / software for the IQ broker option is available
19.12.2019 11:03

Our servers were attacked.
Now everything OK

17.12.2019 08:25
17.12.2019 08:03

signals not appearing whats wrong

16.12.2019 16:29

1 000 Alerts pack

I used this pack very little

And now it's disabled for me


Unlikely to know so far

I've received a thousand alarms!!!!

I can't make the desired changes

To create alarms.



15.12.2019 01:28

Why does the crypto signals doesn´t work?

13.12.2019 23:40

 Hi, are the signals working today?

13.12.2019 17:58

i areafy paid, but my account yet updated, plz reply ??

Your license has expired, you bought the 1-year licence at 2018-03-12 22:42:00

13.12.2019 17:29

i areafy paid, but my account yet updated, plz reply ??