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Couldn't Understand your signals. Got loss .

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Author - ehsan143, 30.05.2017 13:50

i could not understand your signals. When to place trade there is no exact price to execute the trade. Within seconds they change their nature. When i place trade Call according to signal . After some seconds it gives Put signal at same currency. There is a great difference between your signal and current market price.
Kindly solve my problem. i am your Pro Subscriber. I was trying your service for my followers. But now considering to offer them.
Reply me if you have any info. to get better result.
Thank you!

28.06.2017 15:14

I got loss more, more and more because the signals accuracy rate very very low!!! Please !!!

30.05.2017 15:33

In classic signal quotes ok. see picture difference between quotes 12 pips, it is ok.


but you right  price in AD strategy did not changing correcly, Thanks for info. I will fix it during 48 hours.

30.05.2017 14:50

Adaptive strategy is not classical signals, but statistical analysis of the market according to indications of indicators. It must be used with the additional terms of your own trading strategy. Analyze trends and trade according to your trading strategy. Use the adaptive strategy signals as a confirmation or as an entry point according to your strategy.

For example, see here

Read this - http://vfxalert.ru/en/discuss/93 


See this - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JduIbt2Ywxw


As for the difference in quotes - all brokers have different quotes. There are a lot of articles on this subject on the Internet. I take quotes from several open sources, for example http://truefx.com/